Saumur :
The Château !

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Horse and Saumur

The biggest equestrian statue in the world !
Since 1999, a huge horse called "ARCHEVAL", built in welded tubes of steel and 12 meters high, ( Christian RENONCIAT's work ), is on the motorway, just near Saumur. It is a way of reminding to everybody that Saumur is the capital of the horse.
Concours d'attelage

All the year round events and shows in relationship with horses take place in Saumur. For example, the "CADRE NOIR Gala" or the "Carrousel" or more simply trick riding competition or races at Verrie racecourse.
The "CADRE NOIR" shows are always highly valued because the "Cadre noir" horsemen are among the best in the world. Anyway, they are often abroad for shows, for example Japan, or HONG KONG.

n the town, you can often see horses and in summer, tourists can visit SAUMUR in barouche.

  • Le Cadre Noir
    Le site officiel de l'école nationale d'équitation et du célèbre Cadre Noir.
  • Le Comité équestre de Saumur
    Organisation du salon international de Saumur, arts et métiers du cheval, calendrier des compétitions.
  • Le centre équestre La Landelle
    Centre de tourisme équestre situé dans un cadre forestier exceptionnel au nord de Saumur. Promenades, randonnées et enseignement.
concours d'attelage à verrie près de saumur
attelage à saumur
voltige équestre à saumur