Saumur :
The Château !

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photos de saumur en 3D
Saumur in 3 D

The river Loire in Saumur

In summer, there is the LOIRE's fair in SAUMUR !
The gabares, the traditional ships on the Loire are sailing again.

he LOIRE is the last big wild river in Europe. A lot of barriers are trying to quieten down his course. In the whole region, from Tours to Angers for example, on a distance of about hundred kilometers, has been built a big slope, which allows to controll the level of the river and not to let him overflow during the floods of the end of winter.

t is very useful and when the level is very high, some people are in charge of verifying, day and night, the strength of the slope in order to be able to take immediately some measures.

he slope has been built first in year 1200, on about 40 km. Then it was many times strengthened and renovated. Sometimes it happened that the slope was not strong enough and there were important floods in year 1856 and 1910.
La LOire à Saumur
la Loire au pont Cessard à Saumur
le pont Cessard
une gabare sur la loire à saumur
gabare traditionnelle de Loire à Saumur